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By Meghan Sapp on September 16, 2010  |  Comments 0

Iowa publishes biomass harvest, infrastructure, storage report

In Iowa, the Council for Science and Technology has released a report outlining the infrastructure requirements needed to create biomass supply chains for energy. They conclude that the it is necessary to develop new methods and systems to routinely and reliably harvest, handle, store, and transport large quantities of bulky materials of varying characteristics.
“There is [...]

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By Jim Lane on September 09, 2010  |  Comments 2

Is Biomass combustion zero-carbon? UK report says no.

In the UK, the national Sustainable Building Association AECB has published the findings of its commissioned report that claims that policies assuming biomass energy is zero-carbon or ‘green’ are leading to additional carbon emissions in the UK rather than reducing them.

Nick Grant , co-author of ‘The Green Electricity Illusion said, “There is a lot of [...]

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By admin on August 27, 2010  |  Comments 0

Enviva signs 480K ton annual wood pellet contract with Belgium’s Electrabel

Just as biofuels ties are deepening between US technologies and Brazilian feedstocks, European biomass companies are deepening their dependence on low-cost supplies of US wood chips for biomass boilers.
Exemplifying the trend, in Virginia Enviva announced the signing of a long-term wood pellet supply contract with Electrabel, a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ Group, one of the [...]

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By Jim Lane on August 19, 2010  |  Comments 1

Biochar from pyrolysis key to climate change mitigation: report

Biochar could solve a significant piece of the climate problem – 12 percent of CO2 emissions – according to a study published last week in Nature Communications.
The study estimated CO2 mitigation potential from sustainably-produced biochar that would not endanger – and could actually enhance – food security, habitat and soil conservation.
The authors conclude that turning [...]

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Ohio energy credits prices could fall 86 percent by 2014

In Ohio, renewable energy credits (REC) are among the most expensive in the country at $35/MWh but those prices could fall into the single digits, as low as $5/MWh by 2014, when the recently approved project to switch two coal-fired burners to biomass at the Burger plant comes online. Ohio currently has 9.72MW of [...]

Verso Paper Mill adds biomass capacity in Maine

In Maine, the Verso Paper Mill is planning to upgrade its biomass boiler and install another steam turbine at its mill in Bucksport, a multi-million project that will eventually allow the plant to produce extra electricity for sale to the grid. The project is in the late stages of development but still requires approval of [...]

Taylor Biomass Energy signs REC agreement for 20.2MW biomass plant

In New York, Taylor Biomass Energy has signed an agreement with the New York Power Authority for the purchase of renewable energy credits and ‘other environmental attributes’—who will then re-sell them on to the New York Port Authority—from the company’s proposed 20.2MW biomass-fired power plant. The plant’s construction is set to begin in mid-November and [...]

Metso converts coal-fired power in Poland to biomass

In Poland, Metso will convert a coal-fired boiler to run on biomass at the Dalkia power plant in Łódź for $20.8 million. Electricity will be sold onto the national grid and heat will be used locally by buildings in the city of Łódź. The retrofit is expected to come online in December 2011.
More on the [...]

UK waste wood biomass gains permits

In the UK, planning permission has been granted for a 12MW gasification power plant in Lincolnshire that will use 140,000 metric tons of waste wood and biosolids from wastewater as a feedstock. Possibly the first of its kind to be approved in the UK, the project is a joint venture of Alternative Use Group and [...]

Rwanda co-op establishes biomass plant

In Rwanda, a cooperative of widow and orphan garbage collectors have turned their recycling endeavor into a biomass briquette production business. The co-op founded by 45 members now employs 110 people, collects garbage from 3,000 families in the capital of Kigali and produces biomass briquettes for one-third the price of charcoal. About 495 families and [...]

Pell Energy proposes UK biomass plant

In the UK, Peel Energy has announced the details of a proposed biomass power plant that replaces plans for an ethanol plant that had already received planning permission. The company says the plans changed because national legislation had changed that no longer made the ethanol facility viable.
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The BioEnergy Atlas debuts from NREL

In Colorado, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has unveiled its BioEnergy Atlas that allows users to layer related bioenergy data onto a single map to gather information on biomass feedstocks, biopower and biofuels potential, production and distribution. BioEnergy Atlas is an improvement over current tools in that it enables more timely and accurate analysis of [...]

The Last Word: “This is a huge loss to the local economy.”

Seymour Crawford: Fine Gael TD for Cavan-Monaghan: “This is a huge loss to the local economy. The siting of such a plant in the Republic would have had a huge advantage for farmers in the Republic, especially all engaged in the poultry industry, through the disposal of waste and the recycling to create energy.”
American Wind [...]

Lockheed Martin wins $15.2M contract for NY Veterans biomass power plant

In New York, Lockheed Martin has won a $15.2 million contract from stimulus funds to build a biomass power plant at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Canandaigua. The facility, that is based on the same system used by Savings Lockheed Martin in Oswego, will use gasification technology to process wood waste including lumberyards and [...]